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Add another dimension to framing.

We all have drawers where we hide away Grandad's medals or a collection of antique corkscrews; a signed rugby shirt or ball or a child's first shoes.

Why not frame, display and enjoy the memories that these items can invoke? The variety of items we have framed is vast and we do feel that we can frame pretty much anything!

Try us - the gallery below shows just a few ideas to stimulate your imagination. Click on a thumbnail to start a slideshow.

School Cap in a Glass Box with frame   Large Crucifix frame housing silver votives - mounted on red velvet board.   Fossil mounted in a handstained box frame with clear non-reflective glass (see Glass & Mirror page for further information)   Collection of medals, photographs and badges   A shoe, framed in a deep box frame   A Wine Bottle and its cork   School Cap and photo in a perspex box with frame   Collection of holiday sea shells   venetian mask - width 100cm, height 50cm, depth 15cm   Collection of medals and badges, with a photograph   Ceremonial Kukri, scabbard and engraved plate   Brothers and Sisters first shoes - framed for parent’s anniversary   mum’s favourite item of son’s early clothing   Collection of spectacles and cases   Pottery vase of Bath’s Lady margaret  


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